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Robot End-of-Arm tooling

Robot End-of-Arm tooling (handling magnets) are suitable for the automated pick-up, placement or positioning of iron, steel or other ferromagnetic objects having a limited weight. All types of handling magnets can be switched on and off and have a threaded mounting hole for robot end-of-arm tooling. This often makes them an efficient alternative for traditional robot grippers.

Application: the automation of processes such as sheet metal handling in automatic production lines and for robots and pick-and-place systems.


  • lifting sheets off of presses;
  • positioning shafts in a production line;
  • removing products from boxes one at a time (destacking);
  • assembling steel parts;
  • welding performed with welding robots.

For factors influencing lifting forces, see: Lifting magnets.

Our palletization magnets are able to handle tins, aerosols and jars (with a steel lid) in large amounts, all at once.

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Magnetic grippers

Magnetic grippers are suitable for picking up flat, ferromagnetic objects (e.g. stamped and perforated steel sheets).

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Magvacu® Combi Grippers

MagVacu Combi grippers are suitable for picking up flat, ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic objects (e.g. stainless steel or aluminium sheets).

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Magswitch handling magnets

Magswitch handling magnets are suitable for picking up both flat and uneven ferromagnetic parts.

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Electromagnetic bar magnets

Electromagnetic bar magnets are suitable for picking up, holding and releasing small ferromagnetic objects such as steel sheets, pipes, tubes, profiles and scrap parts.

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Electro holding magnets

The round electro holding magnets from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems are suitable for holding ferromagnetic objects.

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